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FireRock Steakhouse Lights the Grill for a July Debut

Steaks, chops and seafood are on their way to Centennial soon.

FireRock Steakhouse
FireRock Steakhouse

Almost a year since first uncovered, Casper, Wyoming's FireRock Steakhouse will begin serving 28-day aged Angus beef in Centennial this July. Taking over the former Stoney's North Forty Saloon & Barbecue, the meaty 7,934-square-foot footprint will also feature 980 square feet of outdoor seating.

Hoping to be open after the July 4 weekend, the kitchen is operational, new staff is being trained and the reception desk already hosts a small sign welcoming future guests with a "howdy."

FireRock Steakhouse Amelinda B Lee

FireRock Steakhouse: Photo- Facebook

On the walls, cowboy iconography including pictures of John Wayne, Gene Autry and plenty of steers. Twelve video gaming machines are slotted into the rectangular bar that offers lounge seating.

FireRock Steakhouse

FireRock Steakhouse: Photo- Facebook

Brought to Centennial by Casper entrepreneur John Johnson, the casual restaurant's simple message is "steak, chops, seafood," encouraging guests to "come in and shake off the dust after a long need for reservations or to put on your Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes. Just come as you are and we'll do the rest."

The menu of familiar American classics menu including burgers, pasta dishes and barbecue ribs and maintains a low-key concept of "'high on the hog' style atmosphere...without selling the ranch to pay for it all."

North Forty Saloon & Dance Hall

5990 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89149 (702) 309-6015