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Comedian Jeff Richards Cooked with Chevy Chase in Las Vegas

He shares that and some of his other fond memories of Las Vegas.

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Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards

We've enlisted comedians, some based here and others who spend their time on the road and come through Vegas, to share their recommendations on great places to dine in Sin City for a feature dubbed Comedian Confidential.

Comedian Jeff Richards got his start after moving to Los Angeles and working the door at The Comedy Store. Richards eventually started to do stand-up comedy and then joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Richards is best known for his most popular character, “Drunk Girl.” He performs Improv at Harrah’s through Saturday night. Here he shares some of his interesting observations about Las Vegas.

How often do you get to Las Vegas?
Every other day.

Do you remember your first trip to Vegas.
Yes. I was 7 or so and I took this really cool creative cooking class and my teacher was Chevy Chase but he wasn't very good at cooking either. Boy, did we laugh

Do you have any favorite restaurants you like to visit here?
I only ate the food I found on the ground.  The food I put on the ground. That's all I ate.

Do people approach you while you're dining out?
Only the authorities. That's why I try to just eat in or just eat the food I put on the ground.

What about nightlife? Do you ever go out after a show to unwind?
Sometimes I go water rafting but most of the time I just cry in any available corner I can find. And if I can't find a corner I just pretend I'm in the corner.

What was the first thing that shocked you in Las Vegas?
I saw a dolphin give birth to a larger sized dolphin in a McDonald’s. That was a little strange to me.

What can we expect at your show?
A brand new baby, untattooed and thirsty for some Fox News!

The Improv

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