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Share Your Best Bets for Cheap Meals in Las Vegas

Don't keep those deals to yourself.


Welcome to Open Threads, where Eater hears from the crowd. Here we try to answer some burning reader questions. Have something you want discussed by the fine readers of Eater? Send it this way.

Next month, Eater will be diving deep into cheap territory. Who offers the best after-work specials? Which "taco Tuesday" deal is a must-try? What are the best inexpensive hidden gems around town? What are your go-to $1 oyster deals or budget buffets?

I'm not talking about a $15 gourmet sandwich at a restaurant where every other entree costs $30. I want to know about the cheapest of the cheap, your absolute favorite budget-friendly dining and drinking options in the Las Vegas area. Share your thoughts below or hit up the tipline if you prefer email. Let's save some cash this summer.