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The Toned Down Plans for Downtown's Eden Inn

Food carts, outdoor events, but mostly parking headed to 6th St.

Eden Parking Lot
Eden Parking Lot
Bradley Martin

To little fanfare or remorse, Sixth Street's Eden Inn Hotel has been demolished and will officially be turned into a parking lot. Built in 1958, the very budget-friendly, weekly rate hotel was purchased by Tony Hsieh and the Downtown Project in 2012 for $2.6 million, ultimately displacing many long-term residents.

New plans for the site will create 29 parking spaces, but it will also be occasionally used for hosting food trucks, "movie screenings" and outdoor events, displacing those 29 much-needed parking spots.

Eden Downtown

Eden Downtown rendering: DiG Design Group

The current plans are a downgrade from the Downtown Project's earlier dreams to create Eden Downtown. In now abandoned renderings by locals DiG Design Group, film production service company Silver State was suggested to move into the space.  No parked cars were part of the plan.

DTP's go-to design group BunnyFish Studio have worked on the current plaza, adding landscaping and trash compactors that can also be used by the adjacent John E. Carson complex, home to the BunnyFish offices.

Bocho Downtown Sushi

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