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Gelato Fans Rejoice! Art of Flavors & Desyreé Alberganti Are Back

Art of Flavors returns and Gelatology is on the close horizon.

Art of Flavors
Art of Flavors
Bradley Martin

Back in February, when Desyreé Alberganti departed her much-lauded position as the gelato maestro of Art of Flavors and forced a temporary closure, it was clear both would be back in business soon. First to arrive is a revamped Art of Flavors, featuring a light interior overhaul and a toned down version of Alberganti's more experimental recipes.

Still owned by next door neighbor Felix Arellano of Viva Las Arepas, the store is now open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., with a less intense gelato menu, new desserts and Illy coffee.

Alberganti herself will soon be concocting new flavors at a location inside the Southwest Marketplace retail center at the corner of Rainbow and Windmill.

Her Gelatology concept will feature "artisan gelato and Italian dessert, crafted sodas and daily baked items." No timetable for arrival has been revealed, but their display cabinets have recently arrived on site.

Southwest Marketplace

, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Viva Las Arepas

1616 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-366-9696