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An Outdoor Plaza, Apartments and Dining Rumors at The Arts Factory

Here's what's shaking at Bar & Bistro, and it could get interesting.

Bar & Bistro
Bar & Bistro

Proposed upgrades to the Arts Factory should become a reality once the owners finally put their tardy City paperwork in order and the changes include a rumor of a new culinary focus at the Bar & Bistro.

Confirmed upgrades to the downtown hub on Charleston Boulevard will officially add 5,663 square feet of outdoor patio space to the eastern side of the 1,385-square-foot Bar & Bistro. Building owner Wes Isbutt never filed the necessary building permits for the current special event space, which also doubles as a parking lot. The new filing will bring the Arts Factory up to code, create some extra room and create a more harmonious and permanent al fresco pedestrian plaza adding 92 new seats.

Also proposed, permission to add new residential units to the second floor of the Arts Factory itself. Isbutt has been trying to sell the entire, 26,25-square-foot complex since 2012. The current asking price is $3.5 million.

Unconfirmed, a rumor that Bar & Bistro may be replaced by a familiar pub with grub and a local name, providing casual fare and pulled pints to take advantage of the new outdoor space. For now, Bar & Bistro is operating as normal.

Bar + Bistro

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