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Taco Alert! Taqueria El Buen Pastor to Fremont Street

The beloved local taco purveyors will soon be easily available to tourists,

Taqueria El Buen Pastor
Taqueria El Buen Pastor
Bradley Martin

Once home to the little loved Asada's Tacos and then the failed experiment of The County Fair Las Vegas' state fair-inspired foods, a small hole in the wall across from the D Las Vegas will soon be home to a true local's favorite.

Taqueria El Buen Pastor will take over the compact space under the Fremont Street Experience canopy and bring their bargain priced and authentic Guadalajara, Mexico, street food flavors already served at two brick and mortar locations, plus the famed original taco stand on North Las Vegas Boulevard.

El Buen Pastor first debuted in 2010 and prices their regular tacos at $2, or $2.50 for the "more exotic meats" like tripas, or "beef guts," and their tacos de buche which they bluntly call, "pork stomach." The pastor tacos feature chopped pineapple, which they explain "makes for a nice sweet-salty combination." Also on the menu, burritos, tortas, alambres and birrias.

Their three other locations are open 10 a.m to midnight Sunday to Thursday and until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Construction permits have just begun the City approval process.

Asada's Tacos

, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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