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Downtown Grand's New Chief on The Resort's Marketing Issues

Plus what goes into a meal at the Clark County Detention Center and Melody Sweets' tips on seducing at dinner.

Pizza Rock
Pizza Rock
Chelsea McManus

New Downtown Grand CEO Jim Simms thinks he has a marketing issue at the resort that opened in November 2013. “What we’re guilty of is not standing on the mountaintop and screaming what a great product we have. When people check into the hotel, see it and go to our restaurants, whether it’s Triple George or Pizza Rock, it’s a great price value they are getting. We’ve got to let people know about that.”

What goes into a prisoner’s meal? The Clark County Detention Center serves up 9,000 of them a day at 2,800 calories. Of those, 750 speciality meals are kosher, halal or vegetarian. “Each meal costs Clark County 94 cents.”

Expect a lot of footsie under the table and Sharon Stone Basic Instinct moves after people read burlesque babe Melody Sweets’ tips on seducing a lover during dinner. The Green Goddess of Absinthe at Caesars Palace also recommends spilling wine on his lap and blotting it up, then planting a kiss on him and if it’s good, inviting him home.

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