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Your First Look at The Golden Tiki Cocktail Menu

Your newest Polynesian-inspired rum headquaters and home to Bosko art opens on Friday.

The Golden Tiki
The Golden Tiki
Amelinda B Lee

The Golden Tiki, the new 24-hour lounge coming to Chinatown, makes its big debut at 7 p.m. on Friday, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the cocktail menu to whet your whistle.


Golden Tiki
Jamaican Rum and Michters rye are blended with Apricot Liquor, ginger, mango and five spice syrup to create our new signature tiki cocktail.

Mai Tai
Trader Vic's classic, that was created in 1944. Jamaican and Martinique Rhum are mixed with Orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, Orgeat and simple syrups.

Navy Grog
Blends Navy Style, Jamaican dark and Puerto Rican light rums with lime juice, white grapefruit juice and honey syrup. *The Grog Ice Cone is always included.

Three Dots and a Dash
One of Don the Beachcomber's classics. Combines Agricole Rhum with a Demerera Rum from Guyana, along with honey syrup, Velvet Falernum, Allspice, lime and Angostua bitters.

The original version, using Jamaican, gold Puerto Rican, and 151 Demerera rums. Falernum, lime juice, Don's mix, Pernod, bitters and grenadine round out this potent libation.

First created in the British virgin Islands. Contains a numbing portion of Pusser's Rum, fresh orange juice, coconut cream and Dole pineapple whip, topped with fresh ground nutmeg.

Jungle Bird
First crafted at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton, at the Aviary bar. Jamaican rum is combined with pineapple juice, Campari, lime juice and a touch of cinnamon.

Hotel Nacional
Havavana's delicious daiquiri variation. Contains Cana Brava Rum, Apricot Liquor, Cane syrup, Pineapple Juice and bitters.

Banana Batida
Avua Cashaca is mixed with banana liquor, coconut cream and Dole pineapple whip, blended, and topped with grated nutmeg. Creating a delicious variation of this classic Brazilian cocktail.

Kalani's Sunrise
Anejo and Mexcal tequila's are combined with honey syrup, pineapple and home made pomegranate grenadine with a hint of ginger.

Hemingway's Ruin
Don'sMix, composed of cinnamon and grapefruit, is added to Cana Brava rum, Maraschino Liquor and lime juice to create a delicious Hemingway variation.

Polynesian Haze
Derived from the Fog Cutter classic. Cuban and Jamaican Rums are combined with St Georges Gin, Ximenez Sherry, lemon juice and orgeat syrup. Galiano, lemongrass and mango are substituted to create a new palette of tiki goodness.

Dark n Stormy
Jamaican Rum combined with ginger beer and touch of lime, falernum and spice.

Agricole rum is mixed with Chareau Aloe Liquor, Clement Creole Shrub, cane syrup and pineapple juice, with a hint of Thai Basil. The result is a sweet and savory tiki delight.

Honey-Mango Java Punch
Aged rum from Trinidad is mixed with Jamaican Overproof, orange and passion fruit juices. Honey mango syrup and coffee liquor complete this cocktail, with a dash of fresh ground cinnamon.

Kahuna Swizzle
Martinique Rhum, Green Chartruese, Ximenez Sherry, pineapple juice, Velvet Falernum, and a dash of bitters combine for a new tiki experience.

The Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA