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Rapper 2 Chainz Says He's Banned from Las Vegas Nightclubs

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Plus Alex Stratta on the state of food and Joël Robuchon on the strangest thing he's written in a cookbook.

Rapper 2 Chainz says he's banned from Las Vegas nightclubs.
Rapper 2 Chainz says he's banned from Las Vegas nightclubs.
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Rapper 2 Chainz says he’s banned from nightclubs in Las Vegas and he doesn’t know why. He took to Instagram under his screen name Hair Weave Killer to rant: "Everytime I try to go out to a club in VEGAS they say that I'm banned ....I never get a reason ,I never have a understanding, jus NO he ain't allowed .this my 1st time ever putting my business in streets via social media . But this way may receive an explanation. I don't owe no casino .I don't need a marker ... I don't know what the fuck goin on ..." BET says, "2 Chainz hasn’t been involved in any Vegas drama, and his music is basically tailored to turn up in the club. If Vegas really is stopping him from getting a quick drink and two-step, then he has a right to be confused." Rapper 2 Chainz was at The Players' Awards presented by BET at the Rio on Sunday. [BET]

Chef Alex Stratta is concerned that "food TV, bloggers, Yelpers and so on" are affecting the culinary scene. "…this new group of foodies can serve toward evolution or regression. If we collectively agree to be driven by trends, new vibes, portion sizes and cheap eats, we risk the work of those who preceded us." He refers to his fine dining background, which he says can help restaurants "reach new heights and surpass expectations." [LVS]

Chef of the Century Joël Robuchon says he finds it odd for a husband to ask him to write, "So you can finally learn how to cook" in one of his cookbooks. "It bothers me slightly to write it, but we’ve had it happen quite a bit. When it’s done as a joke, I can certainly understand. But there are some that seem to say it really genuinely." [VS]

Need a dish to share on a date? Try the lemon poppy seed soufflé at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill in Downtown Summerlin. "It’s absolutely okay if you get in a spoon fight to compete for the last bite." [OT]

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