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The Golden Tiki Debuts a Māori-Themed Lounge in Chinatown Tonight

The fantastic voyage here includes four rooms in this highly anticipated lounge.

The Golden Tiki
The Golden Tiki
Amelinda B Lee

The Golden Tiki
Address: 3939 Spring Mountain Road
Phone: 702-809-3636
Status: Opens at 8 p.m., then open 24 hours

Pull out your grass skirts and get ready to imbibe on rum; The Golden Tiki arrives tonight. The 4,000-square-foot tiki-themed bar from former creative director at the Hard Rock Hotel Branden Powers takes over the former Little Macau at The Center at Spring Mountain. And what a experience it promises to be with four themed tiki lounge experiences. Guests enter through a "secret lava rock cave entrance with waterfall," and then head to zones that include The Pirates Lair and The Mermaid Cove, featuring a small stage styled as a 1920s theater. The Headhunter's Village is decorated with "skull racks, cargo cult artifacts and spears and weapons" and comes complete with a "20 foot magical waterfall - Seamen Falls." Mounted behind the bar will be the focal point Golden Tiki itself. Now don’t expect everything to be in place. Powers says the grand opening comes in August and everything should be complete then. For now, inspect the cocktail menu here and get ready to help this fair lady set sail. As Powers says, “If our sign isn't up, look for the cavernous mouth of our lava rock cave.”

Little Macau

3933 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 222-3196 Visit Website