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Behold, Everything Glorious Inside the New The Golden Tiki

From top to bottom, The Golden Tiki might well be the most interesting bar in Las Vegas right now. Branden Powers’ new Chinatown gem has so many hidden treasures inside that you need to go again just to take in the great decor you may have missed the first time.

Maybe it’s the 24 original Bosko pieces on display. Maybe it’s the thatched roof over the bar. Or the talking tiki who puts on a show over the bar. Or the black velvet paintings that tell the story of the pirate William Tobias Faulkner and his influence on the bar. Or the giant conch shell seating area. Or the Hunter S. Thompson knife behind the bar. Or the tiki-inspired ashtrays, including those that blow smoke when you leave a cigarette inside (Don’t steal them. That’s not cool.). Or the treasure chest used for the the $499 VIP service. Or the $35 scorpion bowls or $45 zombie punches. Or the mismatched matchbooks from old school Las Vegas. Or the skeleton that puts on his own show. Or the giraffe bones. The waterfall. The lucky tiki you need to rub. The twinkle lights.

Yes, you can buy the souvenir mugs with your drink for $29 (with the drink!). Yes, you can order barrel-aged rums aged with Carpano Antica, marashino liqueur and bitters for $12. Yes, you can order the Martinique Ti service prepared table side and escorted to your table on a cart for a $30 minimum.

And yes, you should look for the Easter eggs hidden throughout the bar. Return and you’ll most likely discover new things you didn’t notice before, like Wilson hanging out behind the bar. Or Bigfoot’s footprint.

Indulge in a look inside to get the lay of the land.

Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain, Las Vegas, NV (702) 222-3196