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A Showcase Restaurant Is Planned for the Monte Carlo Concert Hall

You'll dine outside when the $100 million Monte Carlo theater debuts.

Monte Carlo theater rendering
Monte Carlo theater rendering
MGM Resorts

Scheduled to be unveiled at the tail end of 2016, the Monte Carlo will begin work this summer on a 106,933-square-foot concert hall expansion with room for 5,300 guests and a prominent, centerpiece restaurant.

The hyper shiny exterior will create yet another a beacon to lead Strip visitors to the outdoor dining and retail promenade called The Park, an eight-acre connection to the unmissable 20,000-seat arena set to open in April next year.

Updated official paperwork spells the project as "the Monte Carlo theatre/concert hall" and now spotlights the addition of a single restaurant with a bonus patio facing The Park. Located next to the hall, the restaurant's entrance, like the theater lobby, will only be accessible from the Monte Carlo's casino floor.

Monte Carlo theatre concert hall rendering

Monte Carlo Theater - Rendering: MGM Resorts

Reportedly budgeted at $100 million, a number previously ascribed to the entire cost of building The Park, the concert hall's three levels are accessed via a "grand lobby," a three-story tall "enclosed atrium," with balconies on each higher floor. The fourth level will be given over to catwalks and technical facilities.

Facing the district's Park Avenue access-way, the 97-foot tall exterior will feature a "glass curtain wall" accented by stone and metal. The glass doors at the base of the building are for exiting only. While rumors circulate of performers scouted for potential residencies, any hint of a possible restaurateur tenant has yet to be revealed.

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