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Listicle Mania Covers 'Celeb' Favorite Off-Strip Restaurants and Watering Holes

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Find out where Rory MacDonald and Marie Osmond dine off Strip.

DW Bistro
DW Bistro

Five Las Vegas “celebrities” talk about their favorite off-Strip places to dine in Las Vegas. UFC fighter Rory MacDonald likes Via Brasil Steakhouse while singer Marie Osmond fancies DW Bistro. Head to Air Canada for three more off-Strip picks.

Need a list of random watering holes? Here’s one. Distill, Remedy’s, The Edge of Town Bar & Grill and Mountainside Restaurant & Tavern are among the places on this listicle. Is The Martini really a watering hole?

DW Bistro

9275 West Russell Road, , NV 89148 (702) 527-5200 Visit Website

Via Brasil Steakhouse

1225 South Fort Apache Road, , NV 89117 (702) 804-1400 Visit Website