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Pressed Juicery Makes a Squeeze Play at Aria

The new cold-pressed juicing spot is now open.

Pressed Juicery
Pressed Juicery
Amelinda B Lee

Pressed Juicery adds to the mix at Aria starting today with its cold-pressed juices and customizable cleanse programs. The cold-pressed juice program uses a custom hydraulic press to apply thousands of pounds of pressure to raw farm-fresh produce, extracting a large amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All juices are blended in small batches using up to four pounds of fruits and vegetables per bottle. No water, sweeteners, purees, powders or concentrates are found in their juices either.

Pressed Juicery sits on Aria’s second level promenade near Terrene and Starbucks. So far, the juicers have more than 30 retail locations throughout California and Las Vegas, including one at Tivoli Village.


3730 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89158 (702) 590-7111 Visit Website