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Five Interesting Facts About Wine Consumption in Las Vegas

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What is Las Vegas drinking more of than anyone else?

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Vivino, the world's largest wine app with 10 million users, pulled together some data on Las Vegas wine trends to see how they compare to nationwide averages.

1. $22 — The median amount that diners spend on a bottle in Las Vegas. The U.S. average is $18.95.

2. Less domestic drinking. Exactly 36.75 percent of Las Vegas wine consumers drink American wines vs. the U.S. average of 49.89 percent.

3. Most popular foreign wine. Almost twice as much Chilean wine is consumed by Las Vegas than the U.S. average: 5.24 percent vs. 2.61 percent.

4. What about French wines? Las Vegans also drink more French wine than the U.S. average: 15.66 percent vs. U.S. average of 12.98 percent.

5. Bubbles: Nevada as a whole drinks 2.68 percent of the sparkling wine nationwide.

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