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Radio City Pizza Switches Off Downtown, Tunes into The Strip

Chef Sam Marvin is bringing fondue to Fremont East.

Radio City Pizza
Radio City Pizza
Amelinda B Lee

Downtown's Radio City Pizza has beaten back its much-rumored financial foes by successfully selling off the enterprise and already have plans for a new location.

Jeffrey Fine and Sam Marvin will take over the space and add "a fondue concept," reports Las Vegas Weekly. They also confirm recent talk of Radio City heading to the south Strip, which coincides with a rumored move into the shuttered Pop’s Pizza joint at the Akita Plaza, located across Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay.

Unconfirmed if the changes will leave room for Retroscena, the Amaro bar tucked into the rear of the Radio City.

Now in charge will be chef Sam Marvin of Echo & Rig and LEV Restaurant Group's Jeffrey Fine who has been attempting for years to create a Downtown base for his restaurant ventures. Fine recently partnered with Marvin to take over the company's I Love Burgers at the Venetian.

The Weekly reports the handover should be completed by Sept. 1.

In 2012, Radio City left Tivoli Village after reported financial difficulties. An attempt to relocate to the Plaza Hotel and Casino casino floor never materialized, before their February 2013 debut on Fremont East, directly across the street from Downtown favorite Uncle Joe's Pizza.

Radio City Pizza

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