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The Dish on Alex Stratta's Sliders and Slices

Shaved ice, 800 degree ovens and "great burgers" are on their way to the Gramercy.

The Gramercy high-rise "urban village" is still waiting on its first solid dining options, but chef Alex Stratta already has a strong vision for his new casual concept, Sliders and Slices, promised as "coming soon" to Building 3.

In an interview with Cirrus Aviation, Stratta explained his mission for the restaurant is to serve a "great burger and pizza." Located in the same Gramercy section as the under construction Pinches Tacos, Sliders and Slices will utilize a "big cast iron flat top grill," quality breads and "we’ll be using non-hormone, fresh organic, natural meats""

Patties will be made with beef, pork and turkey, including creations like the "pork burger with a honey-pineapple BBQ sauce, red cabbage, slaw and ginger as well as a turkey burger with a Greek salad topping."

Pizzas already planned include a Margarita, "one with wild mushrooms, mascarpone and black truffle oil" and another with "caramelized onions, pistachios and fennel sausage."

Aimed at feeding Gramercy workers and residents, efficiency is the key, with orders only taking 10 minutes to prepare. An 800-degree oven will deliver each pizza ordered in around three minutes.

Catering to a family audience and his own five children, a shaved ice station will be available, with beer and wine for the adults. Stratta has optimistically suggested a mid-September debut for the restaurant.

Once announced, but no longer promoted as one of The Gramercy's future dining options, the chef's 5,300-square-foot Alex Stratta Italian Steakhouse. Initial plans called for the restaurant to host a separate bar and live entertainment as well as a glass-enclosed patio with Strip views. That menu was designed to include fresh pasta and flatbreads made in a wood-burning oven, plus shellfish, a raw bar and steaks.

Sliders and Slices

9205 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA