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Is a White Cross Tavern on the Horizon?

New plans call for more downtown drinking.

White Cross Market
White Cross Market
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Two years after local institution White Cross Market reopened and nine months after its legendary Tiffany’s Café was reborn as Vickie’s Diner, comes word of even bigger plans for the corner of Main and Oakey.

New paperwork filed with the City proposes creating an oversized, 21,890-square-foot tavern on site, focused on the Main Street side of the building. The tavern would also add 2,343 square feet of outdoor seating in the White Cross' ample parking lot. South facing guests would enjoy views of the Stratosphere.

The entire building, built in 1955, is registered as 25,255 square feet and the market covers 6,200 square feet of the interior, leaving early questions as to how the retail and tavern ventures will be integrated.

The project is proposed in conjunction with the building landlords, Gary Underhill & Grant Investments. The operators of the Market, Jimmy Shoshani and John Rouvas, launched a Cousins Maine Lobster food truck franchise last year, frequently hosting the truck outside their store.

The tavern proposal makes its way to the City Planning Commission in October.

White Cross Market

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