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Elizabeth Blau's Biggest Pet Peeve in the Restaurant Industry

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Plus Hash House A Go Go by the numbers and more.

Honey Salt
Honey Salt
Chelsea McManus

Elizabeth Blau, the restaurateur behind Honey Salt, Andiron Steak & Sea and Made LV, as well as Buddy V’s Ristorante on the Strip, talks about her biggest pet peeve in the restaurant industry. “As an owner and operator, I appreciate the ability to hear guest feedback, but I feel that Yelp gives too strong a voice and too much of a platform to people who a lot of the time do not appreciate, respect or understand the work that goes into running restaurants and empowers a voice that is rarely informed or accurate.” [Vegas Inc]

Jim Rees, the owner behind Hash House A Go Go, shares some fun numbers behind his five local restaurants and 10 overall. “Would you believe 800,000 pounds of potatoes, 7 tons of bacon, 2 million eggs and 3 tons of rosemary are being served every year? Add to that 240,000 pounds of Certified Angus Beef, 350,000 pounds of chicken breast and 550,000 pounds of biscuit and pancake flour, and you can see how many hungry guests have had their appetites satisfied.” [LVS]

Some interesting quotes on what restaurateurs need to look for in a space. Kelly Bland, senior vice president and principal of commercial real estate company NAI Alliance, says clusters of restaurants make a good destination. “They may not know where exactly they’ll eat until they get to the district and then decide from the many options available.” [Vegas Inc]

Need something to do in September? Here’s a long list that includes the Joy of Sake festival, a Brazilian festival, a Frank Sinatra-inspired dinner and more. [Thrillist]

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