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Sensi to Refresh with an $850,000 Remodel and Rebranding

A visual makeover will sweep through the Bellagio restaurant.


Tucked way at the rear of the Bellagio, the world cuisine home of Sensi is about to undergo a major physical remodel and changes described as a "re-branding."

Current paperwork prices the upgrade at an estimated $843,150 in construction costs, with an aim to create a "new vibrant, approachable community experience." At the heart of the concept will be a new lounge at the front entrance and an expansion of the existing square bar, already a restaurant focal point for resort guests as they walk by Sensi's exterior water features. Apart from the furnishings, the private and "semi-private" dining rooms at the rear of restaurant are not being changed.

The interior design will be completely overhauled in the 6,187-sqaure-foot space, with new chairs, tables and "decorative pendant lighting," plus modifications in the kitchen, that will remove the tandoori grill and Asian wok station. While the upgrade is specifically labelled as a "re-branding," plans do not mention if a new name or dining focus is part of the changes.

Sensi debuted in 2004 from executive chef Martin Heierling, but is most identified with chef Roy Ellamar, who took over the reigns in 2011.

Although the resort has yet to announce the changes or a timetable for completion, a possible hint might be found via OpenTable's reservation service. Sensi is currently not accepting bookings after Sept. 14.


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