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A Final Note From Eater Vegas Editor Susan Stapleton

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It's so long for now, but not goodbye.

Steve Benjamin, Susan Stapleton and Joel Robuchon
Steve Benjamin, Susan Stapleton and Joel Robuchon
Ashley Farkas

After nearly 7,700 posts in three years and eight months, the time has come to say goodbye. Today marks the end of my tenure as the founding editor of Eater Vegas.

It all started with writing behind the scenes for three weeks to nail the Eater voice. I can’t thank Lockhart Steele, editorial director at Vox Media, and Raphael Brion, the former editor of Eater National, enough for their guidance in those early days when the site was launching. Boom, late in January 2012, the site debuted, and I’m proud that Eater Vegas has grown and become part of the local culinary world.

Daily, it’s been about the openings and closings, big and small, in the food and beverage industry; the excitement building when a big restaurant gets close to debuting; unveiling the decor, the menus, the chefs; and the drama, and boy has there been some drama, inside the industry. Through it all, Eater Vegas blossomed into your trusted source in the Las Vegas food world.

This is such a diverse city with its culinary scene, on Strip vs. off. One thing I’ve tried to do is help the world realize that chefs with accolades hire people who can replicate their food and that sometimes it’s worth it to take a ride to Chinatown, Downtown, Henderson or Summerlin to try a new restaurant. Las Vegas truly claims some of the most innovative and talented people and getting to know so many of you has been a pleasure. Even though I’m moving on, I will always be one of the biggest champions of Vegas’ restaurants and bars.

Since launching, Eater Vegas covered so many monster stories, but it never could have been done without Bradley Martin, my snoopy reporter who is so far ahead of the curve in his discoveries. He’s most of the reason as Eater Vegas has become a must-read every day. Thank you. I never in a million years could have done it without you.

Amelinda B Lee provided some stunning photography, and her eye has helped shape the look of the site. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done, both behind the lens and as a friend.

My co-workers, including our amazing editor Amanda Kludt, our managing editor Sonia Chopra, and cities editor Carolyn Alburger have helped me in so many ways. I can’t forget my OG Jackie Goldstein either. Missy Frederick in D.C., Rachel Blumenthal in Boston, Carly Szkaradnik in Philly, and Ian Harrison in Montreal have become close friends and colleagues who helped me daily. Thank you.

And my tipsters. I won’t mention names (D and A most notably), but you helped me ferret out information that otherwise would have been so difficult to get. I know you know who you are. Thanks a million.

Lastly, Eater Vegas never would have become such a success without you, the readers. You made it into destination it is. Thanks for reading, tweeting, liking and sharing. I'll still occasionally have a byline on Eater Vegas, but it's time to move on. It's been a great ride and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

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