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Restaurants That Need To Return, A List You Don't Need To Read

Plus every state described as if they were in a bar.

Alpine Village
Alpine Village
Monkey Goggles

Hankering for a restaurant to make a comeback? Here’s a list of 11 that readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal want to return. Among the requests, Rosemary’s (and it’s still not going to make a comeback downtown either), Alpine Village, Carluccio’s Tivoli Gardens that sat next to the Liberace Museum, the Venetian, which lasted for 40 years and is now Herbs & Rye, and the former Big Dog’s Cafe & Casino on West Sahara Avenue. [LVRJ]

Here’s a list you don’t need to readBon Appétit’s 50 nominees for America's Best New Restaurants 2015. Guess how many Las Vegas restaurants made the list from the magazine that brings the city’s largest food festival that resorts shell out six-figure fees to be a part of every year. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. No Lago. No Bardot Brasserie. No David Clawson Restaurant. No Inyo Asian Variety Restaurant. No Other Mama. Nothing. Thanks, BA. Love ya back. [BA]

And maybe the best list of the week. A guy describes every state as if they were a person at a bar. For Nevada: “Nevada is a sketchy, middle-aged balding man chain-smoking cigarettes he pulls from his black leather jacket, rolling dice on the bar counter top and drinking whiskey straight up.” The rest of the list is just as colorful. [The Federalist Papers]

Bardot Brasserie

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