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Japanese Cuisine by Omae Brings the Ultimate Chef's Table

Three seatings a night for two to 10 people, all going omakase style.

Japanese Cuisine by Omae
Japanese Cuisine by Omae
Susan Stapleton

The ultimate chef’s table is coming to Japanese Cuisine by Omae. The restaurant from Michelin-starred Takeshi Omae will feature one table only for two to 10 guests during three seatings at 5:30, 8 and 10:30 p.m. starting on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Each guest gets the $150 omakase.

“We like to challenge something new, which is the operation with only one table,” says owner Shinichiro Tanaka. “We like to focus as our parent cooked just for us.”

The restaurant will no longer serve lunch and dinner comes every day except on Sundays. Japanese Cuisine by Omae doesn’t have a liquor license, but guests can bring their own for no charge.

Japanese Cuisine by Omae

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