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13 Things You Need To Know About the Grand Bazaar Shops' Starbucks

Bleachers, movie screens, murals and more.

Starbucks at the Grand Bazaar Shops
Starbucks at the Grand Bazaar Shops
Bradley Martin

The new Starbucks at the Grand Bazaar Shops, the biggest dining anchor of the 2.6-acre outdoor retail concept, gets ready to make its debut by the end of the week. Here, a look at 13 vital things you need to know about this one-of-a-kind location, made just for Las Vegas.

1. This location will be the only Starbucks "in the world" equipped with bleachers. The three-tiered seating on two sides will have room for 36 people. The look was inspired by "the coffee-growing terraces you see in the company's cultivation regions."

2. The tiered bleachers weight 12,000 pounds each. All eight precast concrete pieces are five feet wide and 18 feet long.

3. Once complete, the benches will have walnut covering them.

4. Because you need another excuse to stay at Starbucks, guests will be able to watch a 150-square-foot movie screen, another first for the coffee chain.

5. Other design elements in the 3,276-square-foot Starbucks include "walls of glass and walnut, exposed ductwork, tile counter backsplashes and visible acoustic insulation."

6. A mural features the coffee production process from planting to roasting.

7. Like the Fizzio sodas at Starbucks? This location will have two of the carbonation machines to make spiced root beer, golden ginger ale and lemon ale as well as Teavana iced teas.

8. Also on hand, a Clover coffee press for one-cup brewing that’s similar to a French press.

9. A patio opens up to the location through a 24-foot glass door with eight folding panels.

10. On the menu, Starbucks Reserve, the chain’s group of coffees from small farms around the world.

11. Also on the menu, Starbucks Cold Brew Blend coffee, steeped in cold water for 20 hours.

12. Construction costs are estimated at $550,000.

13. Early word on this location anticipated alcohol.

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