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Le Pho Thought of Everything for Their Move to the Juhl

The Vietnamese restaurant is as careful with the design as the menu.

Le Pho rendering
Le Pho rendering
le Pho

District One Kitchen & Bar executive chef Khai Vu is bringing a Vietnamese-themed dining concept to the Juhl and they've already worked out every detail, from music, to employee shirts to take-out boxes. Le Pho's corner plot will feature 1,566 square feet of main dining space and an eight foot stretch of outdoor dining.

Proposed hours, which may change a little, are expected to be from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. Featuring table and counter seating, Le Pho's aim is to promote Vietnamese culture where possible from the decor, to the music and the cuisine.

Le Pho logo rendering

Le Pho logo - Rendering: Le Pho

Staff will be wearing branded T-shirts and the logo will be prominent on take-out bags and containers, which very cleverly use chopsticks as their handles.

Chef Vu has already hinted at menu possibilities including banh cuon, "steamed rice roll stuffed with ground pork, wood ear mushroom and shallot," banh mi op la, created with a "baguette, pâté, eggs, fresh cut veggies" and pho ga, a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. The early start might also allow for his twist on an omelet or soft boiled egg and oxtail rice as a breakfast dish.

Opening night is expected within three months.

The Juhl

, Las Vegas, NV

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