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Three Tips for Dining at The Noodle Man

We read the reviews so you don't have to.

Jason Harris gives readers three tips in an easy, breezy review of The Noodle Man: sit at the bar to watch the Zen-like noodle-pulling in action; order B3 (Shanxi knife-sliced noodle soup) for something "so much greater than each of the already delicious parts"; and finally, "Not everything has to be Zen." The last tip should be kept in mind while diving into the food, which Harris said "is even more fun to eat" than to watch.

Aside from the tip-worthy B3, Harris calls out the vegetable pancake with "pickled carrots and daikon served on the side [that] are so unique, you'll keep going back for more trying to figure out what exactly the chefs did to conjure that taste." Where else can you pay so little for a delicious dinner and a show?

The Noodle Man

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