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Shake Shack's Buttermilk Chocolate Bar Has Ltd Time Free Custard

You have one weekend for free custard. (Purchase necessary.)

Shake Shack
Shake Shack
Bradley Martin

While Downtown Summerlin awaits the arrival of the now hiring Shake Shack, the burger powerhouse is handing out free custard this weekend at their New York-New York Hotel & Casino location. The catch is you have to buy of one their new Mast Brothers Shake Shack Buttermilk Chocolate Bars.

Created by "Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate makers Mast Brothers," the $7 bar is created from a blend of globally sourced "premium cacao beans," resulting in a flavor described as "rich and milky-smooth, every chocolate bar boasts complex notes of cherry, malt, and vanilla." The recycled paper wrapper has been custom designed in the Shack's logo colors for extra fanciness.

The free custard deal is only available Sept. 12 and 13. For chocolate aficionados,  Shake Shack recommends pairing your chocolate bar and custard with a glass of their Frog’s Leap Shack Red wine. A Shack Stack burger and cheese fries will also work.