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Find Affordable, Authentic Thai Street Food at Chada Street

We read the reviews so you don't have to.

Chada Street/FB

In his latest for Vegas Seven, Al Mancini checks out Chada Streetwhich opened last month. Mancini praises owner and star sommelier Bank Atcharawan's "serious Thai cuisine at a good price." The Thai fried rice sets the tone, "mildly sweet, with a nice fresh tomato in the authentic as you'll find on this side of the Pacific."

Get your money's worth at the street food-focused spot with dishes like the $4 "hor mon Phuket...a tiny piece of seasonal fish steamed wonderfully in a banana leaf with just the slightest hint of yellow curry," or the $8 "sai oua, a very spicy pork sausage reminiscent of the dishes on Lotus of Siam's 'secret' Northern Thai menu." Mancini says even the wines, with "50 bottles priced below $50," are reasonably priced.

Not everything's perfect, the critic admits: "The catfish larb is mediocre at best. The Street Pad Thai is decent, but not exceptional. And the tod mun pla (spicy fish cake) has an odd gelatinous texture." But look past the few missteps to enjoy "authentic Thai food and a very good glass of wine without breaking the bank," Mancini recommends.

Chada Street

, Las Vegas, NV (702) 579-0207