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Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern is Two Weeks Away at Pawn Plaza

You first chance to see Rick Harrison behind the stick is getting closer.

Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison
Susan Stapleton

If you've been hoping for a pint pulled by Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison, it's getting closer to showtime. Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern has installed 16 taps on the upper floor of the two-level, $2 million, 11,708-square-foot retail and dining Pawn Plaza and is now confident it will be open in two weeks.

A joint venture between the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop boss and locals Rollin Smoke Barbeque, the upstairs tavern planned to cover the walls with memorabilia, host exhibits from Rick's personal collection and serve cocktails named after the Pawn Stars staff.

Back in May, Harrison told Eater Vegas he had acquired a health card and TAM card "just so I can bartend and serve barbecue."

Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern

Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern

The Tavern includes a 288-square-foot patio, or "party deck" as it's been dubbed, offering views of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop across the parking lot.

The ground floor Rollin Smoke Barbeque is being designed with communal wooden picnic tables and waitresses wearing "Daisy Duke" inspired attire. The tavern announcement made no mention if the barbecue joint would debut on the same day.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

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