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Get Ready, Jaburritos Will Fix Your Sushi Burritos Craving

Soho Japanese Restaurant expands into Mexican-Japanese fusion.


Get ahead of the next food craze at the Paseo Plaza retail center across from the Palace Station this October, when chef John Chien Lee debuts his sushi burrito creations at Jaburritos.

The sequel to his Soho Japanese Restaurant, the former executive chef of Social House at City Center is combining a love of Mexican and Japanese food and merging them into one dish. The 1,400-square-foot project will also serve salads, rice bowls, nachos, smoothies and juices.

The burritos can be built with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, raw or cooked, plus chicken, beef, shrimp tempura, soft shell crab and aided by a toppings bar of 15 to 20 vegetable items. Vegan beef and chicken options will be served and a salsa bar will offer Mexican and Japanese sauces.

Combinations for the burritos include the Rockport stuffed with "soft shell crab, spicy tuna, surimi crab, jalapeno, tobiko, cucumber, red onion, chipotle mayo, sweet anguila" and The Gulf of Mexico filled with "spicy tuna, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tortilla strip, cabbage, chipotle mayo, and Diablo Sauce."

Chef Lee is also committed to running an environmentally friendly business, with all the chairs made from recycled plastic milk containers, the tables built with bamboo, energy efficient equipment in the kitchen and recycled paper products, glass counters, cups, containers and to go bags.

A debut date is scheduled for Oct.1.


2600 West Sahara Avenue #115, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA