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Palazzo Flips Zine Noodles into Hong Kong Café

The Zine Noodles Dim Sum space returns this fall.

ZINE Noodles Dim Sum
ZINE Noodles Dim Sum

Zine Noodles Dim Sum shuttered at the Palazzo last week, but it will return this fall — after a fashion. Coming this November, the pan-Asian restaurant overseen by chef Simon To will transform into the more casual sounding Hong Kong Café. Chef To also works at the Venetian’s very exclusive, 50th floor, high roller-focused Paiza Club.

The Palazzo promises the new Café "will retain everything that makes ZINE great and add even more to the menu and atmosphere." Unannounced, the extent of the makeover, already allotted an estimated $971,000 in construction costs.

Set to be removed are the "water wall," a private room and the booths in the 3,474-square foot main dining area. The entrance to the casino floor will be repositioned for better visibility and will be accented by a new metal ceiling "feature."

Chef To's involvement with the new venture has yet to be clarified.

Zine Noodles Dim Sum

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