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Bonchon Chicken to Make Las Vegas 'My Hometown'

The cult Korean fried chicken franchise is coming soon.

Bonchon Chicken
Bonchon Chicken
Bonchon Chicken

The fried chicken has such a following, a catch phrase asks, "Addicted yet?" Global franchise Bonchon Chicken is headed out west, to a spot currently described only as "southwest Las Vegas."

Named after the Korean word for "my hometown," Bonchon's specialty is serving crunchy, crispy fried chicken wings, strips, or drumsticks with a choice of flaming spicy sauce, made with red chili peppers, soy garlic sauce, or a little of each. The chain's adventurous menus can also include fried calamari, shrimp shumai, bulgogi sliders, potstickers, bibimbap, and fried octopus dumplings.

Created in 2002 in Pusan, South Korean, the franchise has exploded to 150 locations in over 6 countries, with five outposts in New York. An exact location and opening timetable for Las Vegas has not yet been announced.