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How to Get Hooked on New Mexico-Style Chile Addiction

We read the reviews so you don't have to.

Chile Addiction.
Chile Addiction.
Amelinda B Lee

For his latest in Las Vegas Weekly, Jim Begley gets hooked on Chile Addiction, the New Mexican restaurant where "Chile is served with practically everything on the menu, from traditional tacos and burritos to more obscure and interesting dishes." Those are Hatch chiles, of which a green sauce or a milder, "more complex" red version is available. Begley recommends the carne adovada incarnation of stacked enchiladas, "sort of like southwestern lasagna, with layered tortillas and your choice of meats."

Don't miss the Frito pie, either, "a simple, successful dish" of "chile, ground beef and cheese layered atop Fritos." And if you're craving some New Mexican flair for breakfast but don't want to make the "nine-hour drive" to Santa Fe, make sure to try "the sopapillas, puffy, lighter-than-air bread substitutes that work well as snacks (50 cents each), stuffed with beef ($4.50) as an entrée, or for dessert, drizzled with honey."

Chile Addiction

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