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Calling All Daves: Famous Dave's Has a Free Meal Just for You

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Hey David, there's free barbecue up for grabs.

Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit BBQ
Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit BBQ

If your name is David or Dave and can prove it with a valid photo ID, local Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit BBQ restaurants want to give you a "two-meat combo" meal for free. Turn up on Sept 29., prove exactly how Dave you are and start eating.

The offer is valid at any of the five area Famous Dave's locations: West Flamingo, Blue Diamond, Rainbow at 95, Galleria Mall Henderson and Cannery Corner.

The small print is that you must dine-in, it's not valid on to-go orders and it cannot be combined with other offers.

"Let’s face it, ‘Dave’ is a pretty awesome name... and for one day, we want everyone named Dave to feel famous and enjoy this great deal," comes the official explanation from Dave Dworak, of Sonoran Barbeque, LLC, owners and and operators of the local franchise behind the random premise.

Famous Dave's

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