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Update: Layers Bakery Cafe Closing Final Location

Discounted baked goods while supplies last.

Layers Bakery Cafe
Layers Bakery Cafe

Following news of the Fresh Bakery Cafe replacement for the shuttered Layers Bakery Cafe location in Henderson comes confirmation Layers' remaining outpost at 6496 Medical Center St. will close once current supplies are exhausted.

Relaying updates via social media and opening the doors only when there are new items to sell, Layers will be serving random baked goods until there's nothing left to bake with. Recent products have included pumpkin "Whoopie Pies" and cupcakes, vanilla cookie cake, chocolate salted caramel and an "Oh My Ganache,"  all at heavily discounted prices.

Run by Greg and Jeanne Forrest and focused on "all-natural, made from scratch comfort foods," Layers maintained a Las Vegas presence for over a dozen years. The couple revealed via Facebook, "Operating these two locations for the past several years and working separate schedules, while being financially rewarding, has taken its toll on us personally and, as one dear friend aptly stated recently 'it's not vibe-ing with your lifestyle anymore.'"

Layers Bakery Cafe

6496 Medical Center St, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA