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Confirmed: Million Dollar Makeovers Coming to the Orleans, Alder and Birch in Planning

It's not just Canal Street and Coasta Cantina getting remodeled.

Koji Sushi Bar & China Bistro
Koji Sushi Bar & China Bistro
The Orleans

It's no longer a rumor that Canal Street steakhouse and Coasta Cantina Mexican restaurant will shutter at the Orleans. The two restaurants have now closed at the resort ahead of unannounced makeovers, and have been removed from the Orleans roster of dining options. Koji Sushi Bar & China Bistro will also see a facelift, and a new concept called Alder and Birch is in the works.

Before last week's closing, OpenTable was accepting reservations at Coasta Cantina from  Oct. 1. and Canal Street from Oct. 23. Both options have now been removed from the reservation service and Canal Street is listed under the new name of The Orleans Steakhouse.

New updates indicate those restaurants won't be alone in receiving upgrades. Japanese and Chinese dining option Koji Sushi Bar & China Bistro has been allocated an estimated $1,322,000 construction budget for a future remodel. Current paperwork still refers to the restaurant as Koji and the bistro is still very much open for business.

Less clear is the location of an all-new restaurant concept for the resort, Alder and Birch, set for an equally impressive budget. For the estimated building overhaul, the Orleans has put aside $2,077,000 for the yet-to-be-revealed project.


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