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Palms to Host Bacon Festival and Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge

Get ready for "EXTREME" bacon fellowship, bacon weddings and more.

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival
Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival
Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is coming to the the Rain Nightclub at the Palms and if you thought your devotion to bacon was unparalleled, you might have met your match.

At the heart of the Nov. 14 event will be the "Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge," featuring 10 chefs competing for a "prize package valued at $4,000." Each chef needs to create one world-class sweet and one world-class savory bite. Already signed-up is Marcus O’Brien, Executive Chef of the Hard Rock Hotel, who breaks down the logic of the event: "Who doesn’t like bacon? People have tattoos of it on their body! When's the last time you saw someone with a salad on their arm?"

Admission includes one beer, lots of Berkwood Farms Bacon, an Elvis costume competition, a bacon-infused wedding ceremony by the United Church of Bacon, and "electronic dance music."

High rollers can reserve the $1,000 "Bacon Cabana" or the $1,500" Bacon Skybox." A portion of the event's proceeds will support Variety - The Children's Charity of Southern Nevada, because despite all the fun, the festival promises "we take our community seriously. Seriously, dudes. Seriously."

The organizers also produced a highly serious video:

Rain Nightclub

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