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Salted Malted Will Bring Canuck Specialties to North Las Vegas

Poutine and "peameal bacon" sandwiches are on their way.

Salted Malted
Salted Malted

A new bakery and creamery is in "soft open" mode in North Las Vegas, taking inspiration from Canadian classics and looking to create some of its own.

Salted Malted's mission is to offer sweet and savory dishes, specializing in unique, out of state favorites. Located inside the shuttered Goldilocks Bake Shop, the restaurant's first commitment is to tap into the cravings of any transplanted Canadians in the region.

The sweet and bakery sections will include house-made marshmallows served on a skewer and then torched, Dole soft serve, and custards like the "Fat Elvis" — made with banana custard, peanut butter swirl and chocolate chips. Also, expect cookie sandwiches and specialty shakes that can be upgraded and blended with pie, cake, cookies, waffles, even churros.

The savory side hopes to build a reputation for its poutine, offering a traditional version of fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds, plus a vegan gravy version.

And taking a cue from the famous "Peameal Bacon Sandwich" at the Carousel Bakery in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, Salted Malted's version, "The Canuck,"  is created with "4oz grilled peameal bacon on a fresh Kaiser roll."

Leonard and Cait Messina are behind the project and chef Damien Messina is in charge of the menu. No official opening date yet, but a note on the home page suggests Salted Malted "will be open around the clock."

Salted Malted

6584 N Decatur Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, USA