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Spend $2,500, Get a Liquor Locker for Bourbon at Yardbird

Locker owners can buy limited edition bourbons to house in those lockers.

Yardbird's private dining room
Yardbird's private dining room

Bourbon fans, you can now drop $2,500 and land a personal locker at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at the Venetian.

The lockers lining the private dining room include a personalized nameplate as well as opportunities to buy limited-availability bourbons through Yardbird’s distributors, rare bourbons that locker owners can then store and drink at the restaurant.

Locker owners will also land VIP reservations, so they can get tables even when the restaurant is fully booked. At the end of the one-year contract, locker owners can purchase the bottle, or what is left in the bottle, at retail price.


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