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The Wait is Over, Mr Chow is Really Coming to Caesars

Exhale, the Mr Chow saga is back on course.

Mr Chow
Mr Chow
Caesars Palace

After literally years of anticipation, Mr Chow will finally, officially, arrive in Las Vegas by the end of the year, taking over the second-story, former Empress Court space at Caesars Palace.

Now promised to make a December 2015 debut, the multi-level, 11,583 square-foot restaurant overlooks the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis and will feature Beijing cuisine paired with "European style service," a signature of the Mr Chow empire. This will mark the seventh creation of owner Michael Chow, who designs all his own restaurants.

Already on the menu, "chicken satay, green prawns and hand-pulled Mr Chow noodles," plus the famed Peking duck that Las Vegas has been trying to import for years, including a scheduled, but ultimately failed attempt at the now demolished Harmon Hotel.

Also scheduled for guests, "an array of champagne selections presented in new ways, in addition to the famed champagne trolley" and the familiar panoply of mixologist creations.

Empress Court - Caesars Palace Las Vegas

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109