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Tipple Sake or Beer While Downing a Fukuburger

Plus more about the decor.

Amelinda B Lee

Fukuburger, the Asian fusion burger spot in Chinatown, now serves sake and beer.

The restaurant from Colin Fukunaga, who just served burgers to the Atlanta Falcons after their season finale game against the New Orleans Saints, serves six burgers, including the Fuku burger, the Tamago an egg burger, the Kinoko mushroom burger, the spicy Karai burger, the pig Buta Burger and the chicken katsu burger. The restaurant, which gets its name by combining part of Fukunaga’s name, also has the naga dog, the FukuMoco, jazz fries and tagarashi garlic fries. Coincidentally, the word Fuku, pronounced foo-koo, and it means "lucky" in Japanese.

Fukunaga also notes the the restaurant interior was custom designed by Jef Salazar of Okami Brand, who was inspired by Japanese-American illustrations. Flat-screen televisions play vintage Japanese television shows and cartoons.

See the entire interior of Fukuburger here.

Fukuburger also has a food truck and another bricks-and-mortar location at the Hawaiian Marketplace.


3439 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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