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Nora's Cuisine Is Moving into New $1.3 Million Digs

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After 25 years, Nora's Cuisine plans an expansion.

Nora's Cuisine
Nora's Cuisine
Rendering: Nora's

Nora’s Cuisine, the Italian restaurant at 6020 W. Flamingo Road, plans to relocate down the road later this year. The restaurant that opened in 1991 with space for 12 was opened by Nora and Gino Mauro, who now have three children and eight grandchildren who roam the restaurant on occasion.

Chef Misael Macias got his start at Nora’s, cooking up more than 70 classic dishes that make up the dinner menu. Find paninis and pizzas by the slice on the lunch menu as well as classics such as a veal cannelloni al bosco, rigatoni gorgonzola with chicken, pork tenderloin alla Siciliana, pappardelle with wild boar and a pre-order-only warm chocolate cake on the dinner menu.

The restaurant plans to move into a 6,808-square-foot space at 5780 W. Flamingo Road at the corner of Flamingo Road and Duneville Street. Nora’s has an estimated construction budget of $1,376,139. Groundbreaking takes place on Tuesday.