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Aria to Bring California's Burger Lounge to the Strip

The Vegas burger wars will soon feature a healthy ingredient choice.

Burger Lounge
Burger Lounge
Burger Lounge

Aria will host a stand-alone burger option later this year with the creation of the first out of state expansion for California's Burger Lounge, whose mission statement is "a common thing done uncommonly well."

The healthy ingredient-focused chain will fit into 1,325 square feet at the resort, with room enough for 47. While an exact location has yet to be confirmed, the current construction budget is estimated to reach $923,000.

Created in 2007 in La Jolla, Calif., Burger Lounge promotes itself as the home of the grass-fed burger, serving "100% American, single source, never frozen beef," plus options like organic cheese and house-made 1000 Island dressing. Their Lounge Bun is made with a "blend of organic wheat and white flour" and they also offer a gluten-free bun.

Other menu options include the grass-fed patty melt, created with "beef, Gruyére cheese, grilled onion, house-made 1000 Island, grilled Pullman rye," their version of chicken nuggets, called digglers, shakes, fires, onion rings, Batch craft sodas and Mexican Cokes.

Aria and Burger Lounge have yet to announce a timetable for completion.


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