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Old Homestead Steakhouse to Build Million Dollar Expansion

Annabelle, the bovine mascot, will soon have more restaurant to loom over.

Old Homestead Steakhouse.
Old Homestead Steakhouse
Caesars Palace

Cleopatra Way at Caesars Palace will soon be a non-stop, hot bed of activity as Old Homestead Steakhouse gets ready to join the current construction work on a new cigar lounge a few steps down the corridor.

Old Homestead arrived from New York City in December of 2011, filling 6,012 square feet and a total of 250 seats. A new upgrade will add 912 square feet of dining area to create enough room for 327 in the restaurant. They are also adding a new bathroom. The current estimated construction cost is $1,020,000 as the steakhouse edges east.

The expansion moves into part of the space formerly occupied by neighbor Hyakumi Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. That long-shuttered footprint will now be shared by Old Homestead and a new, under construction cigar bar and lounge. The 3,761-square-foot concept will feature a bar, humidor, retail store and their own restrooms. Local sources point to aficionado favorites Casa Fuente as the under wraps name behind the venture.

While work on the cigar lounge work is well underway, a timetable for the Old Homestead work has yet to be announced.

Old Homestead Steakhouse

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