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Crispy Town Builds a Fried Food Home at Seafood City

For Filipino fried specials, won't you take a trip to Crispy Town?

Crispy Town
Crispy Town
Bradley Martin

Crispy Town
Address: Seafood City, 3890 S. Maryland Parkway
Phone: 702-851-0021
Status: Seafood City opening hours are daily from 8 a.m to midnight

Filipino and Asian food supermarket Seafood City has debuted some new, fast casual dining upgrades and one very specific, food-preparation focused outpost.

Crispy Town focuses almost exclusively on deep fried dishes, some of them hard to find locally, and makes them available by the pound, the piece or part of a meal order. The unabashed mission is to serve "hot, crispy, crunchy food" without a worry for cholesterol counts. The menu includes Philippine favorites such as chicaron calamari, chicken skin, shrimp okoy, salt & pepper shrimp, pork rinds, fried smelt, and chicaron bulaklak, better known as chitlins.

Bagnet, or crispy pork belly, is their trademark item and served in dishes like bagnet sisig, laing and binagoongang with a side of lumpia or ensaladang talong.

Prices range from $3.50 for a piece of fried pork chop to $28 for three pieces of boneless bangus fried fish.

Also now serving inside the Seafood City complex, Grill City, featuring grilled and barbecued chicken, pork and seafood dishes, plus Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon and the newly opened Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats, expanded from their original Waipahu, Hawaii, store.

Seafood City

6435 North Decatur Boulevard, , NV 89084 (702) 425-6973 Visit Website