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Downtown’s Cornish Pasty Co. Sets Opening Date

Pews, pasties and a full bar arrive at the Arts District.

Cornish Pasty Co
Cornish Pasty Co

Right on schedule, the Cornish Pasty Co. has set an official opening date at their new and more palatial digs in the Arts District, situated across Charleston Blvd. from The Arts Factory. The City’s health inspectors have given the all clear and their upgraded menu and full bar will be available beginning Monday, Oct. 24.

The Tempe, AZ-based chain expanded to the Commercial Center in 2013, but the compact space was never large enough for their loyal clientele.

The new restaurant takes over a former fabric store and will still be based around a menu of British-inspired pasties, a traditional baked pie with savory fillings, like the "Oggie," created with steak, potatoes, onion and rutabaga and served with a side of red wine gravy or ketchup.

They will also serve local and international draught beers, add cocktails and spirits and operate longer opening hours, hoping to make the bar a local hub and destination during First Friday celebrations.

Featuring a central, open-plan kitchen, with plenty of stools to get up close and personal with the pies, the larger footprint includes a patio with access to the alley at the rear of the restaurant. Guests can choose to sit and dine on their pew seating, rescued from a former church and brought over from the original Sahara Ave. location.

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