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Al's Donuts Returns as Crunch Donut Factory

Al’s Donuts favorites and more are on the way

 Crunch Donut Factory
Crunch Donut Factory
Crunch Donut Factory

Al's Donuts shuttered in January after 42 years of serving UNLV and the Strip, hidden away at the corner of E. Harmon Ave. and Maryland Pkwy. But fans should take note, while the name will be changing, the spirit of Al’s will very shortly be making a comeback.

Texas-based franchise Crunch Donut Factory will debut in the 1,200-square-foot space at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5. The owners have partnered with Al’s Donuts to bring back some of their favorite items and also revive their round-the-clock, 24/7 opening hours.

Crunch Donut Factory Crunch Donut Factory

Crunch Donut Factory - Photo: Facebook

The Crunch Donut Factory side of the project brings some eye-popping interior design and the opportunity for guests to imagine their own creations at the "build-a-donut-bar." Customers pick their base, then add a choice of frosting and finally the toppings and "drizzle."

Also on the menu, a full range of trademarked, celebrity-inspired specialty donuts, including the "Cherry Springer," "Mariah Carrot," "Angelina Jelly," "Bon Bon Jovi," "S'Moregan Freeman" and the "Heaven Bacon," a "yeast based long john with maple frosting and Real Bacon!"

They will also feature cupcakes, doughnut shakes, cupcake shakes, doughnut ice cream sandwiches, plus frozen yogurt and custard.

Al's Donuts cafe burgers

7280 W Azure Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 655-7280