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See The Social Setting of Libertine Social

Your first look inside Shawn McClain’s newest restaurant

Libertine Social
Libertine Social
Amelinda B Lee

Take your first look inside Libertine Social, the gastropub from James Beard Foundation award-winning chef Shawn McClain at Mandalay Bay. As McClain tells the story, a flight delay at LAX led to a meeting with Studio Munge's principal interior designer Alessandro Munge and Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, who headed to Venice Beach's Abbot Kinney neighborhood. There they explored dive bars, consignment shops and galleries to come up with this fictional character, "Kyle," a social host who helped the trio come up with the look of the restaurant.

"It's like walking into the loft space of your most stylish friend," says Munge. "You simultaneously feel welcomed and intrigued by your surroundings."

The restaurant's exterior uses the previous façade, decked out in a large-scale graffiti artwork by street artist Alex Diaz.

The two bars, a social dining room, chef's table and patio contains its own take on Kyle, with a different experience depending on the guest’s mood.

Guests enter through the Voyeur Lounge, filled with quirky artwork, a party vibe, a retro jukebox that lets guests pick a song and set the tone for the night. The Social Bar contains a large, antique glass arch centered over the bar and a "Stay Wild" neon light. A second smaller bar sits at the rear of the restaurant. This bar-within-a-bar contains a curio credenza filled with trinkets and bottles.

Libertine Social's open kitchen and chef's table between the lounge and the dining area features exposed grills and prep areas. The dining room contains a collection of personal photos.

On the patio, guests find soft lighting from the exposed string of bulbs. A food truck inspired to-go counter, equipped with sidle-up seating and lighting inspired by street lamps, sits outside the space.

Libertine Social

3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89119 (702) 632-7558 Visit Website