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Your First Look Inside Las Vegas’ Vegan Restaurant with a Drive-Thru

See what VegeWay is all about

Amelinda B Lee

Take a look inside Las Vegas’ first vegetarian and vegan restaurant with a drive-thru. VegeWay from chef Kenny Chye of Veggie House fame took over the former 1,895-square-foot home of Great American Food sandwich shop at the corner of Jones Boulevard and Robindale Road. Since before the tiny restaurant opened, vegan and vegetarian message boards lit up with chatter about the opening as well as the food served there after it debuted.

The menu includes plant-based fast food including vegan burgers, vegan popcorn chicken, French fries, sweet potato fries, curly fries, VegeWay patties, vegan fish tacos, fried zucchini, a vegan beef sandwich, a vegan chicken wrap and vegan milkshakes in strawberry, chocolate, mango and vanilla.

Malaysian-born Chye has earned a loyal following for Veggie House’s vegetarian spin on Chinese dishes since opening at the intersection of Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard in 2012.

Go ahead and take a look around.

VegeWay interior Amelinda B Lee

VegeWay interior. Photo: Amelinda B Lee

VegeWay double burger Amelinda B Lee

VegeWay double burger. Photo: Amelinda B Lee

VegeWay Amelinda B Lee

VegeWay. Photo: Amelinda B Lee


7790 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV